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While Campfire is in beta it will stay free, it will be in beta till the app is much more feature rich and fully validated with any price changes to be communicated substantially ahead of time. To sign up, no card details are needed.

Campfire will be a separate tool to CharlieHR. It is the first of our stand alone culture apps, focused on helping you get more frequent (and useful!) feedback.

Yes, you can ask the same questions to multiple people and see their replies in one place.

No, given that people who have not signed up can share feedback with you there is no need for all your business to use Campfire in order for you to get value from it.

A lot of research points to feedback being needed at least every two weeks, so we would recommend that as the largest interval. Campfire is best suited to feedback around behaviour, approaches and instructive observations around events so you are able to tie your feedback to relatively frequently occurring events.

Campfire is built to help you get feedback from all the people who can provide insightful information that will help you grow. In many organisations the primary giver of feedback is assumed to be the manager but often they are not best placed to share the observations needed to improve. With Campfire we would encourage you to ask all the people you believe may be able to share good insights.

We envision that after asking for feedback and getting a response through Campfire, in some cases when clarification or a wider discussion is sought then users will move to a face-to-face conversation. The value of seeking written feedback is that it forces a deeper consideration of the feedback given and also means that the information persists and can be analysed against other pieces of feedback.